Most mortgage advisors have a transactional mindset in Canada and most financial advisors never go deep with their mortgage discussion. At FIRE Financial, we understand that real estate is one way to build wealth. It has also provided great returns in the last few years and will continue to give a decent return as more immigrants come to Canada.

Real estate investing has its own set of pros and cons. So, rather than just discussing interest rates, I provide expert advice to build your real estate portfolio (if that is what is your goal).

To provide that advice, I partnered with Citadel Mortgages. Citadel Mortgage is one of the leading full-service mortgage brokerages in Canada that heavily uses technology for the mortgage application process to improve efficiency. As a licensed mortgage agent at Citadel Mortgages, I place my clients’ mortgage applications where I can shop around for the best solution from many lenders.

Mortgage Process

  • Discovery Call
  • Documents collection and verifying facts
  • Pre-approval and underwriting
  • Presenting commitment letter and closing
  • Post-closing follows Up for the next strategy
Mortgage Process

About Citadel Mortgage

Citadel Mortgages is one of the largest full-service Mortgage Brokerages with professional Mortgage Agents & Mortgage Brokers servicing GTA, Toronto, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, PEI, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia, Canada.

Citadel Mortgage

Citadel Mortgages is changing the way mortgages are being done by providing their clients with sound advice and products to help their clients become mortgage-free sooner or with some of the lowest mortgage rates in Canada. Citadel mortgage financing solutions include:

  • Residential- Purchase, Refinance, Transfer Mortgages
  • Commercial-Purchase, Refinance Mortgages
  • Private-Purchase, Refinance Mortgages
  • Equity Lending
  • Second Mortgages
  • Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC)
  • Private Mortgages

To learn more about Citadel Mortgage, please visit their website.

Lender Partners

Frequently asked questions

No, mortgage applications are done completely separately through Citadel Mortgages.

Depending on whether you are an ongoing financial planning client or investing consulting client, we provide mortgage planning for you. This is part of your fee structure.

However, if you get a mortgage through Citadel Mortgages, we will receive a commission/brokerage fee depending on the type of your mortgage transaction. We disclose all applicable fees upfront.

We do an annual review close to your anniversary date of the mortgage. At this meeting, we go over refinance, restructuring or other opportunities to achieve your real estate goals. If you get a mortgage with alternative lenders, we will plan the exit strategies for the mortgage.

Citadel Mortgage gets a volume discount from its lenders which allows them to offer lower interest rates than its competitor while still being profitable. Citadel Mortgages have access to more than 30 lenders including chartered banks, credit unions, alternative lenders, mortgage investment corporations, and private lenders.

Almost. Citadel Mortgages is Licensed in the following: – Ontario – FSRA 12993 -, Saskatchewan -FCAA 509446, Nova Scotia – 212783099, Alberta, PEI, Nunavut, Newfoundland - 21-07-CI083-1, New Brunswick – 210031130.

Citadel Mortgages Brokerage # is 12993 and Ahmed Mahiyan’s Mortgage Agent # is M20002166.