Welcome to FIRE Financial

I have spent the last 6.5 years working for two of the largest banks in Canada. Over time, I discovered that I need to go independent to give unbiased advice to my clients. I am one of the few advisors in Canada who holds both insurance and mortgage licenses. At this moment, I no longer hold any investment license as Nest Wealth and ShariaPortfolio Canada work as our portfolio managers.

When I was planning my personal financial independence strategies, I realized that there are many ways to build wealth. So rather than giving advice only on one type of solution, I educate my clients to build wealth using a variety of different options such as real estate, stock market, private business, etc. and recommend the one where they feel most comfortable. I focus my practice on real estate investors, tech professionals, and families with special needs.

Welcome to FIRE Financial

I live in Scarborough, Ontario with my loving wife and young son. Much of my spare time is spent creating free content for YouTube channels. This helps Canadians to improve their financial literacy. During the daytime, I closely follow the stock market as an active trader.

I am also very enthusiastic about teaching, which is why I started my part-time academic career as a Professor in the School of Accounting and Financial Services at Seneca College. I teach financial planning courses and train the next generation of financial advisors. Along with my former Seneca College students, I also run a pro-bono financial plan service for a lower-income family member.

I am obsessed with providing high quality unbiased financial advice. I believe that a great financial planner can impact clients’ lives at the same level as a doctor or lawyer does.

Ahmed Mahiyan

Ahmed Mahiyan


My Journey

August 2022

Personal FIRE Journey

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I started our YouTube channel and Facebook weekly educational webinar series where we provide general advice on financial planning, investment, tax, insurance, mortgages, etc.

I also started my FIRE journey by becoming a full-time day trader. I trade stocks, options, CFDs, crypto, etc. to achieve my financial independence.

July 2022


Fire Financial Logo

To deliver unbiased advice to my clients, I launched FIRE Financial Inc. FIRE Financial has partnered with Nest Wealth and Sharia Portfolio Canada for investment solutions, Citadel Mortgages for mortgage products, and BrokerUnion Insurance for insurance solutions.

I also joined the Financial Planning Association of Canada (FPAC) which is the only association in Canada where all advisors have taken the “Fiduciary” oath to work in the best interest of their clients.

Summer 2022

The year-long learning


I spend a busy long year earning the Certified Financial Planning (CFP) and the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designations and passing all 3 levels of the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) program in 2021/22. These designations trained me to help high-net-worth families with their financial issues.

During this time I got heavily motivated by fiduciary financial planning which ultimately inspired me to be an independent financial planner.

From Winter 2016 to Spring 2022

Gaining experience

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I gained over 3 years of practical experience at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) as a Financial Advisor. Then I moved to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) as an Investment Consultant and spend another 3 years.

Fall 2015

Beginning of the journey

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I finished my academic studies by earning a thesis-based Master’s in Finance from the University of Saskatchewan. At the same time, I finished all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program. Before that, I completed my undergraduate from the University of Dhaka in Economics.